About Drag and Drop Learning

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About Drag and Drop...

Drag and Drop Learning  presents learning materials and experiences in several areas of learning.  You will find several puzzel type learning aids.

Drag and Drop Learning is meant to aid in  your regular studies, or just to help pique your interest in the various topics.  If you have any suggestions, or need for a particular material or lesson, please notify your teacher.

Drag and Drop Learning materials are prepared for you by highly educated and experienced professionals.  You will find them accurate and informative.

Drag and Drop Learning presents matching puzzels for several topics.  A picture is shown, along with a list of several terms.  Your task is to drag each term to match the correct item on the puzzel graphic.  The quiz is scored.  You get points for correct matches, and lose for misses.  You may use any study materials to help prepare for a quiz.

Enjoy the site!!!!